Option 2 of Self- directed Support is proving particularly challenging to make a reality. Practical cross- organisational difficulties around contracting; risk sharing; costing; reporting and ensuring a diverse market of care and support providers are common challenges.

The purpose of Option 2 of SDS is to enable individuals to have choice of their support provider and greater control over their support. But traditional ways of contracting for support through competitive tenders and restrictive frameworks are restricting choice.

Following our successful one off agile event in early 2017  we are using the same approach to bring together a group of interested people to figure out what we can do about Option 2.

Our agile learning group work to identify the main problems and a range of solutions for making the Option 2 process simpler and easier for everyone.  The group identified the the following areas and resources

  • Model Contract for Option 2 – developing  an accessible, straightforward contract between the provider, contracting authority and supported person that promotes flexibility and personalised, outcomes based support.
  • Mapping the Minimum Process required for Option 2 to make it simpler and easier for everyone.
  • Developing a Definition of Option 2 – a shared definition of the purpose of Option 2.
  • Connecting and influencing: working with influential people and organisations to share learning about how to practically implement Option 2.

Over the coming months P&P will be working on finalising the above resources and will launch them later in 2018.



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