With SDS, support provision should be focused on meeting the person’s outcomes as well as the supported person’s needs. There are number of tools which support providers are using to measure individual outcomes for the people they support and which demonstrate the difference that the support makes.

These measurement tools can be used as part of the support planning process by both supported people and support workers.  The data can then be aggregated to provide reports for personal outcomes from across the organisation or across services.

Here are just some of the measurement tools which providers are using:

I.ROC – The Individual Recovery Outcomes Counter  is an Outcome Measurement tool created by Penumbra for measuring the recovery journey of supported people.

Better Futures – is managed by CCPS’s Housing Support Enabling Unit and is an online outcomes based monitoring tool designed to enable housing support service providers working with individuals to record their support needs and personal outcomes.

ClickGo is a digital tool developed by Carr Gomm to empower people to self-direct their support. It enables individuals and their providers to track and record progress towards achieving personal outcomes, in addition to managing their individual budgets and scheduling support appointments.

Outcomes Star – is an evidence-based tool created by Triangle for both supporting and measuring change for individuals.

Get in touch with P&P if you know about any other outcomes measurement tools.

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