SDS, Mental Health and Risk Enablement Event 9th May 2018

The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act enables individuals who are receiving social care to have greater choice and control over their support. For people with mental health problems, SDS offers opportunities for support to become more flexible, personalised and outcomes focused. For social work practitioners and support providers, working in a risk enabling way helps to ensure that people with mental health problems have greater control over their support and their lives.

This event will give the opportunity for participants to hear about best practice in risk enablement and to consider how to balance risk, adult support and protection and choice for individuals. There will also be an opportunity to hear the views of people with mental health problems and support provider Penumbra about how SDS can be more empowering and lead to better outcomes for individuals.

Outcomes for the Event
This event will provide opportunities for participants to gain:

•        Increased knowledge of SDS and how to promote choice and control for supported people with mental health problems
•        Increased understanding of risk enablement and SDS and how it works in practice
•        Increased awareness of how to support people with mental health problems to achieve their outcomes

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Please note, this event is aimed at voluntary sector support providers, local authority commissioners and social workers working in mental health services and priority will be given to these people to attend.

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