P&P Research Project: Researcher Appointed

Providers and SDS: researcher appointed

The Providers and Personalisation (P&P) programme has appointed the University of Strathclyde to lead a research project into the implementation of Self-directed Support from the perspective of voluntary sector support providers.

The research will explore the progress providers have made with changing their systems, workforce, finance, support provision and organisational culture for delivery of SDS; the different approaches taken by providers to delivering personalised support; and the internal and external factors (eg. commissioning, procurement, assessment and eligibility) that enable voluntary sector support providers to deliver fully personalised, outcomes based support and which in turn leads to greater choice and control for individuals.

The research will be led by Professor Ian Cunningham and Andrew Eccles, two researchers with a significant background in personalisation and self-directed support research.

Voluntary sector support providers and the people they support will be invited to participate in the research via online survey, one-to-one interviews and focus groups.


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