New research on Option 2 in practice

The Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland have commissioned researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) to explore local authority and voluntary sector provider perspectives on how Option 2 is working in practice.

Dr Martin Kettle, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at GCU explored  the barriers to making Option 2 a reality as well as highlighting emerging approaches to addressing these barriers. The involvement of voluntary sector support providers in developing effective approaches to Option 2 was also considered.

The findings suggested that:

  • Fundamentally, there is no  shared view on the meaning of Option 2. Interpretations differ according to how public authorities view the tension between personal choice and ‘duty of care’.  This had a significant influence on the procurement and contractual approaches chosen by local authorities.
  • Risk adverse approaches at all levels (from the person to the organisation, to the system) were seen as a substantial factor in impeding progress .
  • Leadership, partnership  and culture were interrelated, themes of the research with participants describing  genuine partnership and a shared  culture of learning and testing as factors in developing a successful approach to Option 2.

 Download the report 


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