Update on the Living Wage commitment for adult social care workers

The Living Wage in Care Implementation Group (of which CCPS is a member) has issued an update letter following the finalisation of the Scottish Government budget for 2018/19.

The expectation from Scottish Government is that the new Living Wage of £8.75 per hour should be paid to all adult social care workers by 1 May 2018. They have provided funding in the budget to allow this to be passed on to providers to pay their staff.

Full guidance on implementing the Living Wage in the context of this commitment has been issued by the Implementation Group. The guidance sets out points to consider in relation to commissioning and procurement practice and emphasises the importance of a fair, transparent and collaborative funding process which achieves ‘buy-in’ from providers. Most importantly, it includes further detail on additional costs associated with the uplifts, such as pensions and ‘on costs’

As part of its work with the Implementation Group, CCPS developed a cost component tool to help ensure that all of these associated costs are taken into consideration in discussions between commissioners and providers. You can find the cost component tool, including an editable version, on this resource page of our website.

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