Single Outcome Agreements 2008-2009: An Analysis by CCPS

In July 2008, all 32 local authorities in Scotland published their Single Outcome Agreements, documents setting out how each area will contribute to meeting the national outcomes set out by the Scottish Government, and describing local outcomes and areas on which particular attention will be focused. After publication of the Scottish Government’s national outcomes and indicators, and a further menu of local indicators by the Improvement Service, providers of social care services expressed reservations about the performance framework, amid concerns that aspirations for social care, as detailed in ‘Changing Lives’, were not adequately reflected in the outcomes or indicators as presented. This report therefore sets out to assess whether or not CCPS’ concerns about the coverage of issues set out in ‘Changing Lives’ were well founded, and whether or not Ministers’ aspirations for the role of social care in the Single Outcome Agreements have been met.