City of Edinburgh Tender for Adult Care


The recent City of Edinburgh tender for care at home/housing support for people with learning disability, mental health problems, physical disability and hearing impairment has been of significant interest to many in the last few weeks, as well as to CCPS.... Read More

CCPS analysis of 2009-10 Single Outcome Agreements


In November 2009, CCPS published its analysis of the 2009-10 Single Outcome Agreements. The report considers the coverage of social care in the documents, comparing this to the 2008-09 tranche and considering what this tells us about the development of the SOA process, concluding with concerns that reading the Single Outcome Agreements is not enough in itself to allow conclusions to be drawn about the implications for social care services in local areas.... Read More

CCPS gave evidence on Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill


CCPS attended two Committees at the Scottish Government in September to give Stage 1 evidence on the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill – the Education and Lifelong Learning Committee and the Health and Sport Committee.... Read More

Voluntary Sector care provides Best Value


The Care Commission has provided figures to the Scottish Parliament's Local Government and Communities Committee meeting, showing that 89-92% of voluntary sector care at home services receive only high gradings (4s, 5s and 6s)... Read More

SSSC Registration comes into force


SSSC Registration came into force on April 30 2009 that will effectively set deadlines for registration with the... Read More

CCPS gives evidence to Government Inquiry into older people’s home care


The Local Government and Communities Committee of the Scottish Parliament is conducting an inquiry into home care for... Read More

Fairer Funding Petition reaches the Local Government Committee


The Fairer Funding Petition, which was submitted on behalf of STUC, SCVO, CCPS and unions Unite and Unison,... Read More

Single Outcome Agreements 2008-2009: An Analysis by CCPS


In July 2008, all 32 local authorities in Scotland published their Single Outcome Agreements, documents setting out how... Read More