CCPS Members shine at Scottish Social Services Awards

CCCPS Members did incredibly well at last night’s Scottish Social Services Awards, reaching the final in all ten categories and winning in six. In addition, four member entries didn’t make the final cut but were listed as ‘Highly Commended’. We’d like to congratulate everyone involved on the important and innovative work that they bring to the sector. You can find further information on the categories and details of all  the winners and finalists at the SSSA website.


  • Threshold Glasgow, CrossReach
    Category 3: An enlightened approach
  • Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service, Turning Point Scotland and Aberlour
    Category 4: Silo buster
  • Dates-n-Mates Scotland, C-Change Scotland
    Category 5: The courage to take a risk
  • Fullarton Project: Lorretto Care, Loretto Care
    Category 7: Thought leadership
  • Bright Choices , SACRO
    Category 9: Head above the parapet
  • Picking up the Pieces, ENABLE Scotland
    Category 10: Carers champion – Supported by The National Carers Organisation in Scotland


  • Becs Barker, Service Manager, Community Contacts Manager, Carr Gomm, Community Contacts
    Category 1: Living the codes
  • Chelsea Rocks, Support Worker, Scottish Association for Mental Health
    Category 2: Bright spark
  • Ypeople Pathways, Ypeople
    Category 6: Making research and evidence real
  • Quarriers: Technology Enabled Care, Quarriers
    Category 7: Thought leadership
  • Gail Carstairs, Project Coordinator, ‘We can all do It’, ENABLE Scotland
    Category 8: The untold story
  • Quarriers Inclusion Team: War on Hate Crime, Quarriers
    Category 9: Head above the parapet


  • Maria McGinley, Ypeople West, Ypeople
    Category 2: Bright Spark
  • Michael Timmons, Community Engagement and Activity Lead, Loretto Care
    Category 8: The Untold Story
  • Flora Hay, Care Service Manager, Blackwood Homes and Care
    Category 8: The Untold Story
  • Fordneuk Accommodation and Alcohol Support Service, Loretto Care|
    Category 9: Head Above the Parapet
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