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National Health and Social Care Workforce Plan


Discussion Document: National Health and Social care Workforce Plan Scottish Ministers wish to ensure we have the right... Read More
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CCPS provides feedback on draft care standards


CCPS has submitted a response to the Scottish Government consultation on new draft national health and social care standards.... Read More

Living Wage and the Scottish Budget


As part of its Spending Review announcement on 15th of December 2016, the Scottish Government has reconfirmed its... Read More

Commissioning in context


With the integration of health and social care third sector providers operate in a yet more complex environment... Read More
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CCPS Annual Review 2015-16


We’ve just published our Annual Review for the 2015-16 year. From promoting collaborative commissioning; to supporting public service... Read More

Audit Scotland report raises concerns about sustainability of social work services


Audit Scotland has released a report on social work in Scotland, which concludes that current approaches to delivering... Read More
Shared Ambition for social care cover

CCPS joins disabled people and carers in call for a new model of social care support


Scotland’s social care support system increasingly risks cracking under the strain, as demand rises and funding fails to... Read More

What matters to you?


On Monday 6th of June Healthcare Improvement Scotland are encouraging social and health care providers to discuss ‘what... Read More