Welfare Reform and housing evidence portal

The Scottish Government has released a portal designed to demonstrate relevant evidence of the impact of UK welfare reform upon housing in Scotland. The evidence portal is open access and can be found on the Scottish Government website. 

The portal comprises an electronic document which identifies and signposts to up-to-date evidence of welfare reform and its effects on housing. It does this by posing appropriate policy research questions to examine the following four key housing and regeneration outcomes set by the Scottish Government:

  • a well-functioning housing system;
  • high quality sustainable homes;
  • homes that meet people’s needs; and
  • sustainable communities.

A traffic light system is used to identify the availability of evidence in each of the policy research questions, with red highlighting no evidence, amber signifying some evidence and green indicating a lot of evidence. Where evidence is available, hyperlinks within the content allow the user to link directly to the source material.

This evidence portal has the potential to help inform service planning as well as consultation responses.  If you are looking for evidence of the impact of welfare reform in an area that currently does not feature on the portal please contact the HSEU (yvette.burgess@ccspcotland.org) so that we can suggest further questions for researchers at the Scottish Government to consider and deal with on the evidence portal.

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