No place like home Photography Awards 2011

The HSEU is delighted to announce the 6 winning entries for the No Place Like Home Photography Awards 2011.  Congratulations to all our photographers!

The competition is divided into 3 categories and within each category there are 2 awards – one for an individual entry and one for a group entry.

The winners were:


Individual winner: William Murray from Aspire Housing & Personal Development Services
Group winner: Daniel Smith and David Collins from Gowrie Care


Individual winner: Stuart Henderson from KEY Community Supports
Group winner: Hayley Barstow and Lucy Birtles from HELP (Argyll & Bute) Ltd


Individual winner: Ronnie O’Connor from Aspire Housing & Personal Development Ltd
Group winner: Daniel Smith and David Collins from Gowrie Care

The job of our 9 judges was a tough one (but enjoyable!) with 50 entries from across Scotland.   The competition has not just been about photographs but also about the context within which they were created.  Each photograph has been submitted along with a narrative of up to 150 words.

Yvette Burgess, Unit Director, said after the event ‘its as much about the story and inspiration behind the image as about the photograph.  These are very personal testimonies and many feature the challenges people have had to overcome to find and keep somewhere they can call ‘home’.’

The competition has been sponsored by a group of members of the Scottish Housing Federation of Housing Associations.  Warm thanks are extended to our sponsors for making it possible to publicise the competition and present prizes.

The photographs and accompanying narratives will be used by the Unit to help raise awareness about the important role housing support services play in many people’s lives.

The winning entries as well as other entries can be viewed on the Flickr website at: