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Social Security – Benefit Take-up Plans

The Scottish Government has launched its plans to promote benefit take up amongst those who face particular barriers to access the financial support they are entitled to – for instance disabled people, people who have been homeless, care experienced young people, gypsy and traveller communities, and people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Further research will be conducted to find out more about the barriers people face and the SG will, with the assistance of people who have experience of social security, develop and design Scotland’s Social Security system to ensure it is accessible, fair and free from stigma.

In November 2019 two new funds will be open for bids – the Scottish Benefit Take-up Fund (£500,000) and the Scottish Income Maximisation Fund (£100,00). Organisations working with groups of people who tend not to claim the benefits they are entitled to will be able to apply for these funds.

The Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018, Benefit Take-up Strategy October 2019 can be viewed here.