PPE – securing supplies through the winter

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport recently agreed to continue with the existing PPE triage and PPE local hub system until the 31st March 2021.  Providers should continue to source as much PPE through their business as usual routes as possible but when they are forced to use triage or the local hub system they will not be charged for the cost of PPE supplied.

The Scottish Government has also decided to develop a system of national procurement of PPE for the social care sector beyond 31st March 2021.   Under this system, social care providers will no longer be required to continue purchasing PPE from their usual suppliers.  Local distribution will be organised through a network of hubs (along the lines of existing LA PPE hubs).  It is likely that providers will be required to make a financial contribution to the cost of the PPE and work will soon commence on developing a charging framework.

The NHS has been increasing its PPE stock so it can assist deal with PPE shortages at a local level.  The Scottish Government will be sending out a questionnaire very shortly to find out how social care providers are making contingency plans for obtaining PPE over the winter and during Brexit.

Health Protection Scotland has been working to update COVID-19 guidance documents relating to non-acute settings to ensure they align with the revised IPC guidance. Updated guidance can be found on the HPS website. Guidance for non-health care settings and guidance for community and residential settings were updated to include tables setting out the types of PPE required for various settings.