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New frameworks for self-evaluation and inspection – Care Inspectorate

The CI is developing quality frameworks for all types of services and settings it regulates. This work began in 2018 when it introduced the framework for care homes for older people and it is on target to complete all the frameworks by the end of 2020. The quality frameworks are designed to help services evaluate themselves while taking account of the Health and Social Care Standards when they identify what they do well and what they want to improve. Inspectors also use them to evaluate the quality of support which people experience.

Each framework has a set of quality indicators that sit under a series of key questions. Each quality indicator comes with two illustrations; one describes very good practice and the other describes weak practice. By comparing performance with these illustrations, organisations can identify what is working well and what could improve to enable better outcomes for people experiencing support in a service. The frameworks should also help providers to understand what evidence Inspectors will be looking for when they are inspecting and evaluating services and how people experience their support.

The CI has developed each of the frameworks through consultation and testing, so that each framework fits well with the services in each registration category. It has begun consulting on the framework for care at home and housing support services, and will be testing the framework in some inspections during December and January. The CI will publish this framework in April 2020.

The CI has been holding events and consultation sessions and will have a copy of the draft frameworks on its website in January so that everyone who wants to can contribute their views.

The Unit has organised a roundtable event on Monday (afternoon) 20th January 2020 in Edinburgh to provide an opportunity to examine and comment on the housing support framework before it is finalised.  You can find out more here.

You can also find the frameworks that have already been published here.