Kingdom Housing Association’s Naumann Initiative is helping people into employment

Kingdom Housing Association’s ‘Naumann Initiative’ is pioneering a groundbreaking new project that aims to break the vicious cycle of homelessness and unemployment by providing a homeless person with a job, a home and support with any complex needs or barriers to sustaining their tenancy which they may have.

Named after Laurie Naumann, a founding member of Kingdom Housing Association and its current vice-chair, the initiative is designed to help unemployed homeless people into work and decent housing.

To date, Kingdom has filled two positions through the Naumann Initiative, a Tenancy Sustainment Worker and a Housing Assistant.

In both roles the successful candidates are able to draw upon their own experiences to support customers, some of whom are or have been homeless, when they take up a home with Kingdom.

The applicants did not require experience of the type of work they were applying for as full training has been provided.

Both applicants have settled into their new roles and homes. Agnes Bicket, Kingdom’s Tenancy Sustainment Worker who was appointed through the initiative said, “Early in 2019, I had to leave my private rented property and, with nowhere to go, I registered with the homeless team in Fife.  I was placed in a hostel 15 miles from my hometown before being moved back a week later to another hostel.  Three weeks later I was allocated temporary accommodation where I stayed for 7 and half months.  While the hostels were clean and reasonably quiet, I shared the bathroom and kitchen facilities with the other tenants.  This was an extremely unsettling time, I felt overwhelmed, lonely with no sense of security or belonging and unable to move on.   This period was completely alien to me.”

“When I moved to my temporary accommodation I was offered short term housing support from Penumbra, a Scottish charity that, amongst other things, supports people experiencing homelessness.  My support worker received the job vacancy for Tenancy Sustainment Worker Kingdom was recruiting to through the Naumann Initiative and encouraged me to apply.   I applied, passed the assessment day and was offered the position.  Along with the role, a secure tenancy was offered and I am pleased to say that I am now in my permanent home.  It has been a rollercoaster of a year, however, I now have secure employment and my own home, more self-confidence and, best of all, an opportunity to support people in the position I found myself in. I feel very positive and am looking forward to the future.”

Kingdom is now looking to develop the Naumann Initiative further and hope to partner with other employers to provide more opportunities. If anyone would like to explore that further, contact Andrew Latto, Interim Director of HR or Matthew Busher, Head of Housing at Kingdom Housing Association.