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Inquiry into social security support for housing

The Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee has launched an inquiry into Social Security Support for Housing ie the way the benefits system assists with housing costs. The Committee is concerned to find out about the way changes to the benefits system have impacted on the help people can access with their housing costs. The Committee is particularly interested in the impact on tenants and landlords in the private rented sector.

The Committee has set out the following questions and would welcome submissions about any or all of them:

  • How have changes to the Local Housing Allowance impacted on the private rented sector, particularly for the affordability of rents for young people?
  • To what extent have UK welfare reform measures impacted on private landlords’ willingness to let to those in receipt of social security benefits? (Including for example, the impact of Universal Credit, the benefit freeze and the benefit cap).
  • How does the administration of Universal Credit Housing Costs impact on the ability of tenants to pay their rent and landlords to administer rent payments? (for example, the impact on rent arrears, communication between landlords and the DWP)
  • How do Universal Credit Scottish Choices and Discretionary Housing Payments impact on the way landlords and tenants handle Universal Credit housing costs?
  • In all of the above, what improvements could be made to reserved and devolved systems, including the way they interact with each other?

All submissions should be sent electronically to: SocialSecurityCommittee@parliament.scot by Monday 18 March 2019.

Full details on the inquiry can be found at: www.parliament.scot/support-for-housing.

The Unit is aware that people with support needs are not always offered the type of support they need if they are to complete an application process. This inquiry presents an opportunity to raise some of the concerns and to suggest ways of improving the situation.

If you would like to share your views and experience with the Unit please contact yvette.burgess@ccpscotland.org

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