Draft Fire Safety Guidance for Specialised Housing – read HSEU’s response


Following the Grenfell tragedy in 2017 the Scottish Government established a Ministerial Working Group to review building and fire safety regulatory frameworks and to make recommendations for any improvements necessary.

One of the recommendations was for fire safety guidance for specialised housing to be introduced in Scotland (there is already such guidance in place for England and Wales). This recommendation has come about out of a recognition that older people and vulnerable persons living in the community are more at risk from fire than others people.

The Scottish Government has just launched a consultation on draft guidance – Practical Fire Safety Guidance for existing specialised housing and other supported domestic accommodation.

The guidance is structured around the need to assess people as individuals in terms of fire risk and fire safety as well as the need to assess premises. The guidance deals with accommodation that is not subject to fire legislation (most domestic accommodation is not) as well as some accommodation which is subject to legislation such as Houses in Multiple Occupation and certain types of supported housing.

The consultation runs until 22nd October 2019.

The Unit, in conjunction with the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, has submitted a response.  You can view it here.