Photo of a woman behind a trolley, filling mugs of tea with a kettle

COVID-19 vaccination of housing support workers underway

People living in care homes, staff working in care homes and people over 80 years of age living in the community are being vaccinated, as are social care workers, including housing support workers.  Sheltered housing providers as well as other housing support services are being contacted by their GPs to arrange appointments.  These groups of people are all in the first two priority groups and everyone in these groups should have been offered the vaccine by 5th February. You can find out about all the priority groups here and access lead contacts for each Health Board in a  letter addressed to social care workers dated 28th January.

A leaflet has been produced to help encourage the public to take the vaccine and to answer their questions.  In addition a publicity video is being broadcast on the TV.  These are resources that social care providers can use to help staff and the people they support to make their decisions about whether or not to accept the invitation to be vaccinated.

The Scottish Government has been gathering information directly from providers about instances where members of staff have refused the vaccine in an attempt to understand and address concerns.  More generally, however, the vaccine is being welcomed by the vast majority of the public.