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COVID-19 grants from Crisis

COVID-19 grants

Crisis have announced an emergency grant funding programme for charities working with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and who are facing additional demand/expenses due to COVID-19. The application, decision-making and payment processes have been designed to be as simple and rapid as possible – they know many organisations are struggling right now.

There are two separate grants

  • awards up to £5000  – for short-term responses to COVID-19
  • awards up to £50,000 – for longer term needs, with a fuller application process

You can find more information, and the application forms for both, on the Crisis website here

“Test and learn” (non COVID-19) grants

Crisis also has a separate “test and learn” grant programme for projects which contribute to ending homelessness and fall into at least one of the 4 areas of: prevention, rapid rehousing, welfare or migrant homelessness. Projects must show innovation, local collaboration, involvement of people with lived experience and have the potential for learnings to be shared more widely, in other locations or services.  Whilst their current focus is on COVID-19, this fund may still be of interest to you/your partners for future rapid rehousing projects – you can find more information on the Crisis website here.