HSEU Management Committee

The work of the Unit is being overseen by an executive committee comprising representatives of:

Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland (CCPS)

  • Annie Gunner Logan, Director, CCPS
  • Angela Currie, Housing and Care Director, Blackwood (in the Chair)
  • Gordon Anderson, Head of Development, Housing and Corporate Services, Key
  • Amanda Millar, Director of Housing and Care Services, Eildon Housing Association

Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA)

  • Fiona Stringfellow, Chief Executive, Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association
  • Gail Gourlay, Head of Customer Services, Trust HA
  • Zhan McIntyre, Policy Lead, SFHA

Homeless Action Scotland

  • Gavin Yates, Chief Executive

Private Providers

  • Peter Millar, Chief Executive, Aspire Housing and Personal Development Services

Scottish Government

  • Angela O’Brien, Housing and Independent Living, Scottish Government

Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA)

  • Kathy Cameron, COSLA

 Committee Members

  • Jo Ozga, Policy Worker, Scottish Women’s Aid
  • Simon Laidlaw, Managing Director, Transform Community Development

The majority of the committee members are themselves providers of housing support services.

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