Fire Safety Guidance for Specialised Housing

The Scottish Government has recently launched new guidance for specialised housing ie sheltered and supported housing. Its development has been motivated by a concern that a disproportionate number of fires involve older people or people for whom there is a contributory factor such as a physical, mental health or cognitive issue. The guidance has been designed to assist those providing or living in supported housing as well as those using care at home services whilst living in general needs housing.

For these groups of people, the guidance advocates that person centred fire safety risk assessments as well as premises based assessments are carried out. This will often involve input from individuals, family and carers as well as the landlord and providers of care and support and health services. The guidance suggests that supported housing providers should act as the coordinator of such assessments and ensure that they are conducted appropriately.

The new guidance is not statutory and does not change existing legislation but seeks to clarify expectations and provide tools to promote fire safety.

The guidance can be found here.