Why #plan4children?

A child’s experiences shape their health, wellbeing and ability to fulfil their potential throughout their adult lives. From education to housing, sports and leisure resources to libraries, specialist family support services to child protection, the decisions made about service provision by local councillors will significantly impact the lives of Scotland’s children, today and long into the future.

#plan4children touchpoint – Summer 2017

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Recent Twitter storify of the #plan4children campaign and its supporters.

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Herald 23/02/2017 – children must be at the heart of planning

Through the  #plan4children campaign we want to:

  • increase local politicians’ knowledge about how best to plan, design and deliver support services for children, young people and their families.
  • support local politicians to most effectively carry out their new duties for children’s services planning under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014
  • help local politicians understand how best to involve children, families, communities and service providers  to develop services in partnership to achieve the best outcomes.

#plan4children (v2)


As the Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland (CCPS), we represent more than 25 leading charities providing children’s services. Our members support more than 150,000 children, young people and families, employ just under 6000 staff and provide public services worth around £150million. Our experience is that services which achieve the best outcomes are those planned and designed collaboratively and which prioritise early intervention and prevention. That’s why we’re urging every council candidate to join our campaign and publicly pledge to #plan4children


The Pledge

“If elected as a local councillor,  I pledge to plan and build high quality services that empower children, young people, their families and communities by:

  • collaborating with children and young people, their families, communities and service providers in service design;
  • providing services that promote prevention and early intervention;
  • connecting the outcomes and ambitions of strategic plans to decisions about investment in services;
  • taking an accountable and transparent approach.”

We’ve supported the campaign, have you? Sign up here

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