Prevention and the change funds

Prevention and the change funds

A ‘decisive shift towards prevention’ is one of the key policy objectives of health and social care integration and of public service reform more generally. In 2012, the Scottish Government established three change funds – one for Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP), one for Reducing Re-offending, and one for Early Years – to enable authorities to begin to shift public service provision from acute and intensive services towards more preventive ‘upstream’ community-based approaches, with the aims of improving outcomes for people and addressing the financial impact of demographic change.

The Reshaping Care for Older People (RCOP) Change Fund, part of the 10 year RCOP Strategy, required the establishment of an RCOP partnership in each local authority area, which includes the statutory partners as well as the third and private sectors, and required each partner to sign-off the spending plans for that area’s change fund.  CCPS is a member of the programme board for the Change Fund: Enhancing the Role of the Third Sector, which supports third sector engagement in the RCOP partnerships.

The Reducing Reoffending Change Fund has focused mainly on ‘evidence-based mentoring schemes’ and was allocated via a series of public social partnerships, involving collaborations between public authorities and third sector organisations.  Several are led by CCPS members.  CCPS also hosts the Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum (the ‘CJVSF’), a collaboration of voluntary sector organisations working in the field of criminal justice.  The CJVSF sits on the Research Advisory Group (RAG) for the Evaluation of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund.

The Early Years and Early Intervention Change Fund was established to provide new resources to help progress the goals of the Early Years Framework, which include more child-centred and collaborative services, and a shift of resources towards early intervention.  The Early Years Task Force provides governance oversight of the Change Fund and local community planning partnerships have a duty to report to the Task Force on the progress of the change fund in their area.  CCPS members are represented on the Task Force and participate in the Early Years Collaborative,  and provide regular reports to the CCPS committee on children and young people.

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