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Building partnerships that put people before process

In the world of social care commissioning, there’s a lot of talk about collaboration – but it’s not quite happening yet. Sometimes we still let ‘what is’ drive ‘what could be’.

At CCPS, we think a more holistic and inclusive approach to social care commissioning and procurement benefits everyone.

Through our Commissioning programme, we’re working to support purchasers and providers to work together to change the culture and close the gap between intention and practice.

What does collaboration look like?

Good collaboration means bringing together purchasers, providers and service users to work as partners to shape service delivery, through open and constructive dialogue.

It’s about creating space to work out what’s possible, instead of relying on assumptions or operating from a place of caution.

Collaboration can take different forms, from informal discussions to more structured options such as:

  • Innovation partnerships
  • Alliancing
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Structures and behaviours that promote and reward collaborative behaviours.

You can find out more about these models in our quick guide to collaboration.

How CCPS can help with collaboration readiness

Doing things differently can be daunting. We can help you and your partners prepare for the process so you feel confident about solving problems together and start the journey with the same destination in mind.

We call this ‘collaboration readiness’.

Find out more about our work with Collaborate CIC to explore collaborative readiness and help partnerships identify ways of working together:

Collaborative Providers: delivering transformation in care and support for Scotland

‘From Providers to Partners: what will it take?’

‘Collaboration Readiness – why it matters’

What you can do now: 

Get handy resources. Check out our recent work, quick guides and publications here.

Sound out the options. If you’re ready to do things differently but aren’t sure where to start, give us a call – we can point you in the right direction.

Get on the list. Sign up for our newsletter so you’re in the loop with our upcoming events and workshops.


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