From Providers to partners

” We have seen a change (since Christie) in the language of commissioners and greater collaborative language, but procurement remains process driven.”  (research participant)

There is a degree of tension between the drive towards collaboration and partnership in service design and delivery and the practice of competitive tendering.   Often seen as the ‘safest’ way of complying with the EU procurement principles competitive tendering is designed  to minimise dialogue between purchaser and provider.

In 2014 we asked Collaborate to help us explore how commissioning and procurement relationships could become more collaborative . Despite the general agreement on the direction of travel for public services (collaborative, local, preventative, responsive) the gap between intention and practice is notable.

The research explored: the gap between intention and practice; the shift in culture and behaviour required for real collaboration and how we might build collaborative readiness in practice. As one of a range of responses to  the research CCPS created a project focussed on commissioning and procurement.


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