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COVID-19 – additional costs

Providers face a range of additional costs in the COVID-19 period. These include costs related to PPE, cleaning, COVID-19 related sick leave, costs for staff who are shielding and increased travel costs.

Local authorities have been awarded an initial tranche of funding (12th May) linked to their  COVID-19 mobilisation plans. The local mobilisation plans include scoping and financial estimates of  costs of responding to COVID-19 in an area. The mobilisation plans are live documents and are reviewed regularly and should include a comprehensive outline of provider, as well as local authority costs however at the time of writing we have no assurance on what has been included.

To assist in identifying and reporting COVID-19 related costs we have created a  COVID-19 costs template setting out the types of additional costs providers are incurring during the crisis.

Information to support decision-making about use of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) for some groups of staff will be covered in our forthcoming member’s briefing in partnership with MacRoberts LLP.

If you have comments on the template or would like to tell us how you’re using it please contact Dee.

Photo by Victor He on Unsplash