CWC Finance, forecasting and modelling-30th June

The workshop was opened by Janice Williams (The Haven) who talked us through how her organisation dealt with the ‘perfect storm’ of increasing demand, funding uncertainty, service growth and budget cuts.

In our first discussion participants spent time discussing where cuts were falling and what the impact has been  on their organisations. Local authority delegates explained how internal cuts were affecting their work and the impact they were seeing as contract values fall and grants are cut.

Our second workshop on modelling and forecasting  led by Austen Smyth from The Richmond Fellowship Scotland. Austen shared a set of current and projected costs for running a living-wage compliant service facilitating exercises for participants to model current and future costs and identify current and future deficits.
In our discussion on the real cost of support participants identified the components of a compliant hourly rate for care and support, identifying those that are common to most providers/types of support and those that vary significantly across services and organisations (e.g. cost of travel time.) This was used to inform our work on developing a compliant rate with Dr Alastair Rutherford from the University of Stirling.