Scottish Prison Service (SPS) Corporate Position on Working with the Third Sector

The SPS and the CJVSF meet twice per year to explore shared challenges and opportunities.  It was agreed at the discussion in November 2017 that the SPS should provide its corporate position on working with the third sector on the full range of funding and delivery arrangements.  The SPS worked with forum members and funders to develop the SPS corporate position, as laid out in the document below and covering the following sections:

  • Strategic engagement with the third sector;
  • SPS as a Grant Funder;
  • SPS as a Buyer of Services;
  • SPS as a Partner with Third Sector Organisations that are funded by other organisations to deliver prison services; and
  • SPS as a Community Justice Partner.
File: The SPS corporate position on working with the third sector [560 KB - PDF]
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