Strengthening Engagement Project Case Studies

Collaborative working with the Third Sector in Community Justice

The Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 includes the duty for statutory partners to engage with third sector organisations in developing and delivering their local community justice plans.  This collaborative approach, in line with the Christie Commission recommendations, will help community justice partners in delivering more linked up and innovative strategies and services in targeting interventions at identified areas.

The Strengthening Engagement project was set up with funding from the Scottish Government to promote and develop effective collaborative working between the third sector and statutory community justice partners and has been running since summer 2015.  Phase 1 of the project was completed in summer 2016 – you can find the full report from Phase 1 and a handy summary version of the work here.

As part of the work of Phase 1, the project developed a series of case studies that focus on collaborative working between statutory partners and the third sector and serve as examples of good practice.

Strengthening Engagement Case Study – South West Scotland CJA

Strengthening Engagement Case Study – Scottish Churches Housing Action

Strengthening Engagement Case Study – Sacro Diversion Services

Strengthening Engagement Case Study – HMP Barlinnie Throughcare Working Group

Strengthening Engagement Case Study – Artlink Central

Strengthening Engagement Case Study – Apex Scotland

Strengthening Engagement Case Study – Access to Industry

These Case Studies were developed from interactions with statutory partners and the third sectors, drawing on local experiences of collaboratively developing and delivering services.  They include positive examples of collaborative working and engagement between the third sector and statutory partners that may be of use to others in considering the challenges presented locally as community justice plans are developed and delivered.

If you have any questions about these examples, or would like to get involved in the Strengthening Engagement project, please contact the Strengthening Engagement Project Officer at

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