The Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum (CJVSF) is currently leading the Strengthening Engagement Transition Project which looks at strengthening the position of the third sector in the new community justice arrangements in Scotland. Funded by the Scottish Government, the project seeks to support the inclusion of the third sector in community justice planning, reporting, and service provision and to foster and improve collaboration between statutory and third sector stakeholders. The Phases 1 and 2 of the project are now completed and the work plan for year three of the project is currently in development.


Phase 1 


Phase 1 focused on the local authority areas of Glasgow and Ayrshire (including North, South, and East Ayrshire) and saw a number of activities undertaken to understand the scope and extent of third sector engagement in community justice processes. This saw an online scoping survey conducted with both statutory and third sector stakeholders which in turn drove a number of workshop sessions in Glasgow and Ayrshire, bringing together relevant organisations to discuss the challenges and opportunities provided by the, then as yet unconfirmed, community justice arrangements.


Following the workshops, reports were written up for each area containing feedback from the survey and group discussions. The reports feature a breakdown of the survey responses, transcripts from the collaborative workshops and general themes pulled out from each area. Please find the reports available to download below –


Final Ayrshire Report

Final Glasgow Report

Final Report


A summary and analysis report, condensing some of the themes drawn from the primary research, is also available.


Strengthening Engagement Project – Summary and Analysis


Case Studies


The project has also developed a number of case studies which serve as examples of good practice for partnership working between third sector and statutory partners. You can find these on our resources page.


Phase 2 


Phase 2 of the Strengthening Engagement Transition Project took place between April 2016 and March 2017, involving collaborative engagement events with third sector and statutory partners in a number of local authority areas across Scotland.


The last quarter of 2016/17 saw workshop events held in 5 local authority areas: Glasgow, Fife, Aberdeen, Ayrshire (across the Community Justice Ayrshire partnership which incorporates North, South, and East Ayrshire), and Highland. The events have been well attended by both statutory partners and the third sector and saw a total of 155 community justice partners take part across the five events. The events took the form of half day gatherings incorporating both an update on the national and local contexts for community justice and a series of collaborative workshops and activities designed to help those present to explore the possibility for improving relationships between the statutory and third sectors. The workshops, which were highly rated by participants, were designed to help partners understand the current scope of third sector engagement in their local area, with a view to highlighting any current gaps in engagement, and included activities to help participants identify ways in which they may be able to work together to prevent the potential barriers to collaboration identified in the work of Phase 1.


Glasgow Phase 2 Final Report

Ayrshire Phase 2 Final Report

Aberdeen Phase 2 Final Report

Strengthening Engagement – Thematic Review of Phase 2 Project Work


Phase 3


A work plan for Phase 3 of the project to be delivered in 2017/18 is currently in development.  If you would like to be involved, or would like to receive some more information, please contact Chris McCully.


CJVSF are currently looking for for case studies from members detailing instances of collaboration with statutory partners. To submit a case study, please complete the form below.


CJVSF Members – Call for Case Studies – Collaboration


Equalities Monitoring


CJVSF and the Strengthening Engagement Transition Project are dedicated to ensuring all that all those participating in the project’s activities are free from discrimination and are able to access our work equally. For more information on our equalities monitoring processes please see our Equalities Impact Assessment and Action Plan.


Feature Photo: ‘Vacancies’ by Claire Ogg, Aspire Housing and Personal Development – HSEU No Place Like Home Photography Competition 2013


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