Links to other research and evaluations

Research Report: Evaluation of the Low Moss PSP 2016


The Low Moss Public Social Partnership (PSP) is a partnership between the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) and a... Read More

Strengthening Engagement Project Case Studies


Collaborative working with the Third Sector in Community Justice The Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 includes the duty... Read More

Research report: Evaluation of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund


The Scottish Government has published an independent evaluation of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund.  A summary of the findings is... Read More

Research report: Housing and Reoffending


The Scottish Government has published research findings in to supporting people who serve short-term sentences to secure and... Read More

‘From Vision to Reality – Transforming Scotland’s Care of Women in Custody’


In May 2015, the SPS held an international symposium to consider the future direction of custody for women... Read More

Research report: Evaluation of Women’s Community Justice Centres


Over 2013-15, the Scottish Government funded 16 projects across Scotland to establish new and develop existing community services... Read More

Research Report: Preventing Homelessness and Reducing Reoffending


Shelter Scotland has published findings of in-depth interviews with 16 service users of the Supporting Prisoners Advice Network about... Read More

What Works to Reduce Reoffending? 2015 Summary of the Evidence


The Scottish Government has published an updated version of the original review entitled ‘What Works to Reduce Reoffending:... Read More

Evaluation report: Shine Women’s Mentoring Service


The evaluation findings for the Shine Women’s Mentoring Service have been published and the full report is available... Read More

Scottish Prisoner Survey 2013 – Thematic reports


The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) has published a number of thematic commentaries presenting the key findings from the... Read More